Five ways to mitigate common sealing issues

One of WNA’s customer success managers, Brian Jones, explains the importance of seal integrity for food and beverage products and highlights key areas manufacturers should focus on to ensure high-quality sealing.

What is Waldner Care?

Discover the benefits of WNA’s complimentary maintenance service program and learn about eligibility in our video.

Waldner machinery streamlines instant noodle cup production

Learn how Waldner’s highly efficient and customizable machines facilitated the complex instant noodle cup packaging process for an international food manufacturer.

The Next Steps for Growing Your Business

WNA CEO Julian Stauffer gives his insights on how to remain competitive in the market that increasingly values convenient, healthy and sustainably packaged food.

WNA presents its world-class packaging solutions at Pack Expo East 2024

A team of WNA experts will showcase Waldner’s technologies at the show in Philadelphia and enlighten customers on how to approach their next business move, overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Meet our Staff

Meet CEO of Waldner North America (WNA), Julian Stauffer. Besides leading a thriving company, he keeps himself busy with his family life, working in his garden, crafting a new painting or brainstorming his next business idea.

The “Milchpilz”: a symbol of Waldner’s legacy in 1950s Germany

Milk has always played an important role for Waldner. The former company director Anton Waldner devised numerous strategies to promote their dairy business, one of which became a landmark in Wangen, Germany: the “Milchpilz” (Milk Mushroom).

Helping food manufacturers overcome equipment maintenance challenges

Launched two years ago, Waldner Care has gained popularity among WNA customers by offering complimentary machine analyses, training internal staff and providing custom maintenance plans that align with production targets.

WNA CEO discusses issues that can impact production and revenue

In this three-video series, Julian Stauffer explains the significance of analyzing Total Cost of Ownership before purchasing a machine and how an effective maintenance plan can optimize production. He also talks about the impact of Overall Equipment Effectiveness on costs and revenue.

Meet our Staff

Meet Brian Jones, a seasoned customer success manager at WNA with an impressive 20-year tenure in the industry. When he’s not helping improve customer efficiency, you can find Brian embracing the thrill of the open road on his beloved motorcycle or out in the water fishing.

Meet our Staff

One of WNA’s newest members, Matthew Boghdady, ensures that customers receive an unrivaled customer journey experience — from the moment they purchase a Waldner machine to supporting their operations down the road. Learn more about Matthew’s background in the food and beverage industry and how a childhood TV show inspired his passion for mechanical engineering.

Helping customers make the most of their opportunities

As the food packaging industry undergoes substantial expansion, WNA CEO Julian Stauffer reaffirms the company’s commitment to manufacturing world-class machinery and delivering excellent customer support.

How innovative solutions in food packaging can lead to sustainable success

Julian Stauffer, CEO of Waldner North America (WNA), shares his insights on how smarter approaches to packaging can be a game-changer for companies striving to achieve sustainability.

Understanding shelf-stable food packaging processes: Aseptic, Retort and ESL

Do you know the differences between the three most common food sterilization processes that manufacture shelf-stable foods? Julian Stauffer, CEO of WNA, explains them in detail.

Waldner toasts to 115 years of excellence with a traditional Oktoberfest

More than 1,000 employees traveled from all over the world to the company’s headquarters in Wangen im Allgäu, Germany, to celebrate Waldner’s long-standing success.

Meet our Staff

Meet Wolfgang Brilisauer, a highly skilled service manager and technical trainer at Waldner in Germany. He started at Waldner as an apprentice, and 30 years later, he is equipped with the expertise to service machines and oversee technical support. Read on to learn more about his work experience and passion for getting outside in nature.

Join us for our first webinar - "Packaging with Purpose" on August 31

Our experts will take a deep dive into the three P’s — package, process and product — and discuss how to run more sustainable food packaging operations.

WNA discusses sustainability in food packaging at Pack Expo Vegas

Waldner North America (WNA) returns to this year’s Pack Expo Vegas, from September 11–13, to present its world-class food packaging technologies.

Join us on our enduring sustainable journey

WNA invites customers to explore solutions to reduce their environmental impact, as CEO Julian Stauffer reaffirms the company’s long-standing commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

WNA helps businesses achieve more sustainable operations

With its program Waldner Sense, long-standing industry leader in sustainability Waldner North America helps customers explore innovative solutions to enhance the production process while increasing efficiency.

Three valuable tips for choosing the perfect dairy packaging machinery

Selecting the right machinery for your plant is essential to keeping operations running smoothly. WNA’s Head of Customer Success Max Davis provides three valuable tips for those who want to make the perfect purchase.

Meet our Staff

Meet a guy behind the machines at WNA, Charles Wilmot Ackom. Having been familiar with WNA machinery for many years, he is equipped with the knowledge and skills to repair, rebuild and replace all types of equipment. Keep reading to learn about Charles’ varied technical talents.

The challenge of choosing the right food package sterilization solution

Efficient sterilization is a crucial step in any food packaging process. It ensures the elimination of pathogenic microorganisms that can lead to food spoilage, thus ensuring food safety and an extended shelf life. Inadequately sterilized products offer serious risks for consumers’ health, especially at a time when the demand for food that is stored for prolonged periods grows exponentially.

Our first Newsletter

Julian Stauffer, CEO of WNA, highlights the company’s commitment to leading discussions and tackling the big issues facing the packaging industry while continuing to educate its customers, manufacturers and its own staff on the best strategies to improve OEE.

Five trends in food packaging for 2023

As the world continues to recover from the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the food packaging industry foresees beneficial opportunities ahead.