Waldner DOSOMAT Spouted Pouch Filling & Capping Technology

Solutions for Pouches with Spouts, Caps or other Fitments

Waldner’s DOSOMAT Spouted Pouch Filling Systems provide solutions for filling and sealing pre-made pouches with spouts, caps and other fitments. DOSOMAT’s rotary and inline pouch systems offer solutions for low output pouch filling and high productivity, high-volume pouch filling applications.

Baby Food Pouches

Waldner offers three solutions for filling, sealing and capping:

  • Seal the spout in the pouch, fill through the spout, and then apply the cap closure
  • Fill through pouch center spout and apply cap closure
  • Corner spouted pouch: fill through top opening of pouch and seal


  • Baby food, beverages, purees, sauces, dairy and other products
  • Unlimited product fill applications
    • Hot fill or retort products
    • Liquids with or without small particulates


  • Low output solutions and Pilot Lab solutions in rotary format
  • Capacity: Up to 100* pouches per minute.


  • For high-productivity, high-volume pouch filling
  • Capacity: Up to 500* pouches per minute.

*Capacities are application dependent

Integrated Downstream Solutions

Various options available for pick and place, discharge to retort and case packing solutions

Pouches with Spouts, Caps or other Fitments
Spouted pouch filling and sealing machines
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