Waldner machinery streamlines instant noodle cup production

Learn how Waldner’s highly efficient and customizable machines facilitated the complex instant noodle cup packaging process for an international food manufacturer.

Food manufacturers are increasingly introducing products to the market featuring high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients, packaged in convenient, environmentally friendly cups. Recently, an international company collaborated with Waldner to create an instant noodle cup product that combines pre-fried noodle nests, organic vegetables, carefully selected herbs and spices and a protein component, all in a recyclable cup. Consumers simply need to pour hot water over the noodles to immediately enjoy a tasty meal.

The production process for this finished product, however, was complex, specifically in filling the noodle cup and sealing it. It required high speed, fully automated operations for maximum productivity and economic efficiency, partnered with a food packaging manufacturer’s extensive expertise and experience. To ensure success, the instant noodle manufacturer teamed up with Waldner.

480 cups per minute
Waldner’s DOSOMAT machines master the intricate filling and sealing processes that can be tailored to fit unique needs. Adrian Herrmann, a sales specialist at Waldner, outlined the process of manufacturing instant noodle cups utilizing Waldner’s technology.

“The objective is to precisely fill pre-formed, deep-fried noodle cakes into empty cups. Initially, these cups are turned upside down and placed over the cakes,” Herrmann explained. “While the package rotates, noodle cakes are inserted into the cup, along with additional ingredients like herbs, soup vegetables, spices, broth powder and optional pieces of meat, depending on the flavor. A sachet containing a seasoning liquid like soy sauce is placed on top of the product before the cup is sealed airtight with an aluminum lid.”

Herrmann explained that within this workflow, a DOSOMAT machine is capable of filling 480 cups per minute. To precisely maintain the cycle time, the system must process 12 cups simultaneously, requiring each process step to be completed within 1.5 seconds.

Additionally, ensuring an adequate supply of packaging material is crucial to maintaining fast cycle times. Waldner machines optimize the handling of the material supply, allowing operators to manually input larger stacks of cups into the line, creating a buffer period. This guarantees prompt and synchronized delivery of the required materials by demand.

Efficient filling processes
Aside from its rapid speeds, Waldner’s packaging machines facilitate a highly efficient filling process that is achieved by the “no-cup-no-fill principle”. This process allows the DOSOMAT system to detect cups with material defects that fail to meet quality standards and automatically reject them before filling. This prevents workflow disruptions and ensures maximum Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

DOSOMAT workstations can also be pulled out for easy access during repair and cleaning procedures, minimizing maintenance times despite the system’s large dimensions — 15m L x 2m W (49 ft L x 6,5 ft W). This feature increases efficiency and productivity.

As the demand for quick and ready-to-eat meals continues to rise, Waldner’s innovative packaging machines stand ready.


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