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Waldner DOSOMAT Cup and Tray Filling and Sealing Technology

WALDNER Filling and Sealing Equipment offers high performance solutions for a wide range of applications for shelf-stable cups, trays and portion packs. Waldner DOSOMATS fill preformed cups, trays and portion packs made of plastic or Aluminum. DOSOMAT systems are available in both rotary and inline configurations, with capacities ranging from lower outputs up to 100,000 cups per hour, providing solutions for hot fill, semi-aseptic, MAP and retort applications. WALDNER offers exceptional seal quality with clean, accurate filling and high pressure heat sealing from roll stock or die-cut lids. Closures can be a combination of pre-cut aluminum foils, films and snap-on lids. WALDNER also offers CIP, laminar airflow, and the latest sterilization technologies for packaging materials.

Their advanced technology, high capacity and flexibility enable very high production efficiencies. WALDNER has extensive experience in filling/sealing applications in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries with over 2000 machines installed worldwide.


Rigid Cup/Tray Filling & Sealing Machines

WALDNER technologies offer exceptional sealing quality including ultrasonic sealing, induction sealing and heat sealing from roll stock or die-cut film. Closures can be a combination of pre-made aluminum foils, snap-on lids, or easy-open peelable membrane can-ends with pull tab.

CASE STUDY: Cream Cheese Manufacturer Installs Waldner Cup Filling Technology To Increase Manufacturing Productivity


  • Rotary machines with upto 16 lanes
  • Capacities ranging from 1,000 to 40,000 cups/hour
  • Servo driven


  • High capacity inline machines up to 48 lanes
  • Capacities up to 100,000 cups/hour Servo driven
  • Features integrated robotic and pick & place discharge systems

High capacity inline machines with 2-24 lanes

Dosomat Inline Machine

Integrated Downstream Solutions

Various options available for pick and place, discharge to retort and case packing solutions.

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