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WNA invites customers to explore solutions to reduce their environmental impact, as CEO Julian Stauffer reaffirms the company’s long-standing commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

We are thrilled to release the second issue of our WNA Newsletter. I’d like to invite you, our colleagues of the packaging industry, to reflect on a topic that is part of our daily discussions at Waldner North America and imbedded in our everyday life: how can we contribute to a more sustainable world?

Julian Stauffer, CEO of WNA

One of our biggest challenges in the food packaging industry today is reducing our environmental impact while meeting the growing demands of an increasing global population. Studies estimate that by 2050, a 50% increase in global food supplies will be required (Source: FAO-United Nations, 2021). As you can imagine, more food will need to be processed and packaged to be distributed around the globe where it is needed. It is critical to develop solutions that reduce carbon footprint, food waste and non-perishable packaging as food production accelerates. Beyond addressing consumer and regulatory demands, these actions will ultimately help protect our planet Earth.

In this issue, you will learn more about our program, Waldner Sense, which helps food manufacturers explore innovative packaging materials, designs and production processes to achieve their sustainability goals. It is not a new initiative. In fact, Waldner has taken actions over the last five decades that have led businesses to run more sustainable operations or more environmentally friendly packaging. Our experts at WNA take pride in supporting customers to enhance their production processes while reducing their environmental impact. We invite you to partner with Waldner and lead the way for a future that we are all proud of.

We have also prepared an article that goes into detail on the varied food and package sterilization methods offered by our Waldner machines. Those searching for new dairy packaging equipment should check out our feature on tips for consideration before purchasing equipment. Finally, there’s the “Meet the Staff” section, where we profile another valuable member of the WNA crew. This time it’s our talented – and lighthearted – colleague Charles Wilmot Ackom, field service engineer.

Enjoy your reading!

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