Our first Newsletter

Julian Stauffer, CEO of WNA, highlights the company’s commitment to leading discussions and tackling the big issues facing the packaging industry while continuing to educate its customers, manufacturers and its own staff on the best strategies to improve OEE.

I’m very excited to share with you, our colleagues of the packaging industry, the very first issue of our WNA Newsletter. I’m proud of this first edition for several reasons. First of all, we are committed to producing valuable content and thought leadership that is relevant to our customers, partners and global community. This is a big commitment that we take seriously. Furthermore, this is a great opportunity for our team to share its experiences and thoughts about the current state of the packaging industry and how we can help shape its future.

Julian Stauffer, CEO of WNA

Of course, we also want to inform you about the latest updates from Waldner North America and educate manufacturers on how to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). With all that being said, this is a new channel of communication with the packaging industry that we hope will help us form stronger bonds with our existing customers and partners, while also introducing ourselves to new ones.

Every quarter you will receive an issue of the WNA Newsletter in your Inbox. In this debut edition you will read about why you should care more about packaging decisions that you make and why preventative maintenance is crucial to your business success. You will also get a flavor for who we are at Waldner North America and the connection that we look to create both professionally and personally.

As WNA embarks on this journey, we are committing to continue educating ourselves and the industry on the newest technologies, efficient and effective processes, and the best strategies to be successful. We are excited to deliver interesting, relevant, useful ideas and insights to you!

One final point: this can and should be a two-way street. We would like to hear from you too! Please share your opinion in an email, on a LinkedIn post or give us a call.

I hope you enjoy your reading!

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