Helping food manufacturers overcome equipment maintenance challenges

Launched two years ago, Waldner Care has gained popularity among WNA customers by offering complimentary machine analyses, training internal staff and providing custom maintenance plans that align with production targets.

Most food manufacturers recognize the importance of an effective preventative maintenance (PM) program to minimize unplanned downtime, avoid costly repairs and maintain high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) levels.

However, for many business owners, implementing a regular maintenance schedule can be challenging. Pressing production demands often lead to crucial maintenance services being postponed while a lack of internal expertise has prevented manufacturers from receiving proper machine inspections.

Introduced in 2022, Waldner Care quickly gained popularity among Waldner North America (WNA) customers for addressing most of these challenges. The company’s complimentary program provides successful PM plans that have been helping businesses boost productivity rates and increase revenue.

Matthew Boghdady, a customer success manager at WNA, explains that Waldner Care eases the burden of PM for customers. Waldner technicians conduct MPAs, identify issues on the production floor and provide tailored solutions.

“In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, maintaining and optimizing equipment is crucial for consistent productivity and high-quality products,” Boghdady says. “We’re excited to see an increasing number of customers benefiting from Waldner Care and running their machines at peak efficiency while reducing operating costs successfully.”

On-demand technicians

Bodghdady says that many businesses have struggled with high staff turnover in recent years, and the situation has directly affected companies’ abilities to implement effective maintenance programs.

“We have heard about cases of burnout among more experienced operators and maintenance teams who had to cover for colleagues who left the company,” he said. “Finding immediate replacements is almost impossible, so some companies have outsourced labor to third parties, like consultants. However, this is not ideal as it is costly and doesn't ensure the desired, premier maintenance service.”

He points out that Waldner Care is largely beneficial because it ensures that skilled technicians will work closely with companies’ staff, offering required machine analysis services and training local teams. Additionally, customers’ personnel can gain knowledge about equipment functions and how to perform simple maintenance procedures.

Custom PM plans aligned with production targets

Inconsistent maintenance schedules are a key issue that impacts a machine’s long-term performance. Neglecting tailored maintenance schedules can lead to increased wear and tear and reduce machine lifespan. Unexpected production requests can also be a problem, prompting manufacturers to postpone crucial maintenance tasks, which might have consequences in the future.

“Prioritizing short-term production over maintenance will surely impact Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in the future. Waldner Care simplifies things by helping customers prepare themselves for services and creating custom plans that align with their production schedules. For example, we provide spare parts kits for worn items ahead of time, which decreases replacement time,” Boghdady concludes.


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