WNA helps businesses achieve more sustainable operations

With its program Waldner Sense, long-standing industry leader in sustainability Waldner North America helps customers explore innovative solutions to enhance the production process while increasing efficiency.

Over the last 50 years, the German food packaging equipment manufacturer Waldner has led numerous initiatives that promote more environmentally friendly operations in the food packaging industry, including developing technologies to minimize waste and boost efficiency.

Waldner North America (WNA) is bringing the knowledge acquired by its parent company over the last few decades to customers within the U.S., Canada and Mexico. With the program Waldner Sense, WNA helps businesses make smart, ecological choices on packaging materials, designs and production processes.

“We’ve noticed that many of our customers want to run more sustainable operations, but sometimes they struggle with where to begin,” said Julian Stauffer, CEO of WNA. “With Waldner Sense, our experts help them navigate the numerous options available to achieve their sustainability goals. This can include choosing environmentally friendly packaging options that still preserve the integrity of their food products or operating their equipment more effectively to minimize waste levels.”

Connecting food processing companies with potential partner suppliers is one of the program’s main objectives. Companies can explore innovative, sustainable solutions that align with their brands, budgets and environmental goals.

From the packaging equipment standpoint, WNA experts offer crucial insights on automated, flexible systems that support high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and minimal food waste in the production line, resulting in reduced costs.

WNA’s experts additionally provide customers with information on top sustainability trends and strategies so the whole team is well-equipped to implement and maintain sustainable practices. By reducing its environmental impact, businesses enhance their brand image and attract buyers who value environmentally responsible products and services.

“We understand that our industry is a major contributor to waste and pollution on our planet. There is a lot of recyclable food packaging that is still not being recycled properly, and a lot of food packaging that is not yet recyclable. As a packaging machinery manufacturer, we want to contribute viable solutions to minimize these issues and do our part in taking care of our planet,” Stauffer said.

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