Waldner North America will present its world-class packaging equipment at IFTPS 2023 Annual Meeting

Waldner North America will attend the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists’ meeting from February 28 to March 2 to showcase its products and services while networking with suppliers and manufacturers.

Waldner North America (WNA) will be exhibiting at the IFTPS 2023 annual conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, from February 28 to March 2 to present its capabilities in handling and packaging thermally processed products.

Dedicated to sales and services to the German manufacturer Waldner, WNA will use the opportunity to display its industry-leading products that can support companies in the segment.

WNA will additionally highlight its Waldner Care customer support program, which helps customers ensure their packaging operations run effectively.

“We can’t wait to attend the IFTPS conference in February and meet as many visitors as possible,” said Ibrahim Elandaloussi, product manager at WNA. “We will be networking with delegates to share information around our solutions. We are continuing to build our reputation in North America, and this is a great opportunity to discuss industry trends as we are noticing more attention towards creating efficiency in food supply chains. Many companies are looking for competitive advantages, and at WNA, that’s what we offer.”

IFTPS is a non-profit organization serving food manufacturers that handles thermally processed foods including sauces, soups, frozen entrees, pet food and more. The institute currently has over 350 members from 27 countries. It provides education and training pertaining to procedures, techniques and regulatory requirements for thermal processing.

Held for over 40 years, its annual meetings are designed to bring together thermal processing specialists to create a safe and robust food system.

At the IFTPS 2023 annual conference, several topics will be discussed by a collection of speakers from around the world. These topics include In-Container Processing, Microbiology, Aseptic Processing and Regulatory Updates.

To learn more about IFTPS 2023 Annual Meeting, click here: https://www.iftps.org/

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Waldner North America
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