Five Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Five Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

You’ve probably heard this one before: the key to a healthy, efficient packaging machine is preventive maintenance (PM). The sometimes inconvenient, sporadic equipment downtime and investments in parts replacements will pay off in the long term, as PM will help extend your machine’s lifespan.

Check out five benefits of implementing preventive maintenance:


1. Decrease Unexpected Downtime

Regular machine maintenance helps decrease machine breakdowns, as technicians assess what actions need to be taken to avoid a sudden shutdown, including parts replacement, changes to machine handling, etc.

2. Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

By ensuring that your machine operates seamlessly, the number of defective products and equipment failures is drastically reduced. This action also increases workplace safety. 

3. Reduce Spare Parts Costs

With proper PMs, you keep your needed spare parts on the shelves. This decreases the need for costly rush shipping. Also, PM’s can reduce the likelihood of crashes, which can damage otherwise good parts. 

4. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Troubleshooting an issue that causes unexpected, idle machine time will cost more than the investments required for regular, scheduled maintenance, including the loss in productivity. 

5. Extend Machine’s Lifespan

Checking and replacing a machine’s wear components and lubricating machinery is the premier strategy for assuring an extended asset life. 


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