How does Packaging Influence Brand Value


Packages are much more than petty boxes kept on retail shelves. Over the years, packaging has evolved as not only an effective product delivery option for manufacturers but also as a great way to increase brand value. Branding refers to a combination of messages and symbols that represent a product or service. A manufacturer should answer the following questions before finalizing their packaging.

  • Does the packaging display all information required by law?
  • Does the packaging material go together with the brand's perceived value?
  • Is it appropriate for the product it contains, and does it stand out?

Flexible packaging being sustainable, convenient, versatile and customizable is ideal for a wide variety of products across industries. If these are the qualities that the brand wishes to convey, flexible packaging may be a perfect match for their brand value. The right packaging can also offer an experience with your brand that can build brand loyalty and potentially repeat sales. Read on to find out what makes flexible packaging so unique.

1. Convenience

Today, we live in a fast-paced society where people are increasingly busy. As such, they are constantly in search of convenient options in almost every aspect of their lives. And that is especially the case for protective packaging. This is exactly why manufacturers are turning to flexible packaging. Flexible packages are easy to handle, take up less storage space and are re-sealable. Perfect for today's busy lifestyle!

For example, retort packaging or resealable stand-up pouches with zippers are an ideal option for customers who are always travelling. Such packages allow users to choose their own portion size and conveniently zip up the product packaging once they are done snacking. This directly has an influence on brand value and profit since multiple researches have shown that consumers are willing to pay more for convenience, appearance, dependability, and prestige of better packages.

2. Portion control

Over the years, the food and beverage industry has seen a rapid rise in demand for portion control packaging and single-serve portioning. Technological advancements and overwhelming consumer demands are the prime factors contributing to such a demand. Today's health-conscious millennials prefer portion control solutions because they are portable and an immense help for consumers trying to monitor product consumption. Portion control solutions paired with flexible packaging can provide consumers not just convenience, but healthy and delicious food.

3. Reduced wastage and sustainability

Flexible packaging is also a great option for brands to entice eco-conscious customers because they are easy to recycle (compared to rigid packages) and take up less landfill space if discarded. For manufacturers who offer organic products, it is important that their packaging also reflects that brand value. While paper and cardboard cannot be used for every product category, recyclable or compostable flexible pouches are versatile enough to store products from diverse industries.

Additionally, brands promoting sustainability as a core value should also consider what is printed on such packages. For example, switching from conventional inks to water-based inks is a better choice to match eco-friendly packaging.

Brands put in a lot of effort in defining their core values and matching them across different channels. Therefore, it is vital to strike a balance between choice of packaging to the story they wish to tell in the marketplace. Packaging is one of the critical aspects of a product that will impact its brand value.

Packaging solutions from Waldner North America

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