How Convenience Impacts Food Packaging Industry

How Convenience Impacts Food Packaging Industry

Over the years, food packaging has undergone drastic revolutions-from single-serve packaging to the invention of freezable and ready-to-eat-foods packaging. After all, change is the only constant when it comes to food packaging innovations. Today, as consumers are busier than ever before, time is one of the most precious commodities of all. More and more people are opting for pre-prepared meals and convenience foods that help save time while eliminating the need for cooking and cleanup.

The Importance of Convenience in Food Packaging

Researchers suggest that over the years the demand for "family” or “party” size bags of snacks have made way for pouches, retort packages, sachets, single serve and ready to eat packs. Consumers often enjoy carrying their favorite products wherever they go - potlucks, road trips or even their own back porch. This is mainly because smaller and individual size packages often give consumers control over portion size, and they will have the freedom to choose from multiple options without having to purchase a large quantity of one item.

However, this doesn't mean convenience is the only thing that consumers are concerned about. They are equally concerned about food safety, food quality, and sustainability. Brands are focused on providing packaging options which reflect the need for food to reach customers looking fresh and tasting great.

Benefits of Convenience Packaging
  • Reduces preparation time to a great extent.
  • Requires no planning, purchasing and storing of ingredients.
  • Single serve quantity reduces food waste from spoilage.
Overview of Waldner DOSOMAT Filling and Sealing Equipment

Waldner’s DOSOMAT inline pouch filling machine offer solutions for high output, high productivity pouch filling applications as well as flexible solutions for pilot plant applications. Each stage of this process insures extremely efficient control and handling of the pouch, multiple pouch filling options combined with ultrasonic sealing and direct pick & place to retort trays. For retort packaging and spouted pouches, Waldner offers three solutions for filling, sealing, and capping these unique packages:

  • Seal the spout in the pouch, fill through the spout, and then apply the cap closure
  • Fill through pouch center spout and apply cap closure
  • Corner spouted pouch: fill through top opening of pouch and seal
Benefits of a DOSOMAT:
  • High output, high uptime, high quality – Highest OEE
  • Exceptional finished pouch presentation
  • Lower cost per package out-the-door
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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