PTI Fundraser for Feeding Westchester

July 31, 2020

PTI – PACKAGING TECHNOLOGIES & INSPECTION & Waldner North America's COO Julian Stauffer takes the big chop fundraising challenge with Feeding Westchester charity raising over $4,000.00 in donations providing over 16,000 meals to those in need!

"First of all, it is saddening how prevalent hunger is in our society and everyone deserves something to eat. We feel terrible when we hear about people going hungry and this is our opportunity to participate in doing something about it. We can each make small donations that have a significant impact on the number of meals that can be provided to people in need. It is truly amazing!! Additionally, operating a business that works in the food industry, we are well aware of the food waste issues that are ongoing in this country. Feeding Westchester is an organization that is trying to capture that extra food and distribute it to the people in need. We love supporting this organization in their cause and making a difference for our local community" - Julian Stauffer, COO

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