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January 16, 2019
Waldner Factory Visit January.2019

DOSOMAT...Always one step ahead!

New hygienic designed 8 lane, double stroke cup filler for cultured dairy products

Waldner demonstrating new hygienic designed 8 lane, double stroke cup filler for cultured dairy products (ESL feature)

Visit beautiful scenic Wangen, Germany home of the DOSOMAT, which is globally known to be the best in fill and seal technology!

From now until late February you can catch a demonstration of the DOSOMAT 20.8/2 ESL hygienic design before it leaves the factory!

  • 8 lanes with double stroke, offering a capacity of up to 40,000 cups/per hour
  • Fully CIP and SIP capable
  • This machine will be equipped with H202 cup sterilization
  • Servo driven retractable sealing station
  • Cups/lids are positioned in magazine above tunnel(hygiene zone)
  • EHEDG design-European Hygienic Engineering and Design (also meets requirements of USA/ Canadian customers with its micro bio design features)
  • State of the art machine controls like Schneider Electric Pac Drive 3
  • 4 pre-dosing stations for fruit (cup bottom)
  • 4 main dosing station for filling yogurt etc.
  • Lid setter with UVC-sterilization for loading draw for continuous machine run
  • Thermal leak test
  • Snap on lid and top cap package shown
  • Storage area for snap on lids
  • Many new design features with imaginative and creative sterile tunnel configuration with CIP and tunnel sterilization via H202
  • 8 lanes, double stroke machine integrated case packer with perforated cases

Tour the Waldner factory and see many varieties of fill and seal applications, be it cup, pouch or spouted pouch… pet food, baby food, dairy, ready meals, medical, pharmaceutical & the unusual…

DOSOMAT... Always one step ahead!

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